Hope for South Africa grew from a deep desire to offer Hope to the nation of South Africa in hopeless situations. Grown from a strong conviction over 3 decades, to offer Love, Care and Hope, we have attended to children's orphanages, homeless shelters, abused persons, unwed mothers, addicted persons, disabled children, retirement villages, hospitals, clinics, nursing staff, cleaning staff, poverty stricken families, safe houses for abused children, abused children, domestic abuse victims, trauma counselling, medicines for sick individuals and the list extends because the Need has not stopped. We do not have any form of governmental funding and survive solely on God's Grace and donations from companies, individuals and communities. It started in a little girl's heart in the 70's when she discovered a little Bible. It became her Best Friend, Her Companion, her Teacher, her Mentor. She learnt about compassion and love in an unloving and unforgiving world. She learnt about the Heart Of God and what is important to Him. This became her drive, her passion, her life. With God at the Core of this Passion, Hope for South Africa grew exponentially and thousands of lives have been blessed as a result. You are never too small to dream a dream and believe In The God Who Can Make the impossible, Possible!